Trading, Equipment and Material Supplies

Spare parts, chemicals/ fluids, equipment sourcing/ supplies, materials procurement, household and industrial goods.

Petroleum Products Marketing. Haulage and Logistics

Facility Management / Project Management

Why You Need Our Facility Management Services

*To profile physical assets
*To optimize use of assets in facilities
*To provide a system for facility financial tracking
*To provide a tool for maintenance management
*To provide a basis for budget forecasting

Our services range from strategic planning and asset management to planning and design, construction management, operations, maintenance, and general administrative services in the management of facilities such as:

*sea ports/ jetties, stadia and other sports facilities, airports, toll gates/ roads, buildings, parks, public utilities, etc (individuals, corporate organizations and governments).

Our Project Management team delivers professional services in:

* Project financial management/ planning. Project supervision, monitoring, evaluation and inspection. Project interface management. Data analysis. Business models. Gantt chart service.

Pollution Control. Environmental and Industrial Cleaning.

*Regulatory advisory and monitoring
*Refuse disposals
*Wastewater treatment
*Pollution prevention and waste minimization
*Human and Environmental health information
*Environmental Marking
*Healthcare Facilities
*Environmental Audit
*Oil spill & Tank Cleaning Services

Organizational Development/Business Plans: Application of practices to help organizations build their capacity to change and to achieve greater effectiveness, increased financial performance, customer satisfaction and organizational goals.
*Preparation, design and implementation of world-class bankable, commercial and industrial business plans and feasibility studies for all sectors, products and services. Machinery, equipment, raw materials, location and personnel sourcing for startup and existing organizations.
*Corporate turnaround and diagnostics. *Systems design and restructuring.
Industrial Management: Bringing together the knowledge of the interactions between management (handling organizations/ business) and technology/ engineering.
*Pre-production planning. Plant location, capacity building, selection of machinery and equipment, plant layout/ material handling.
*Production planning and control: planning, routing, scheduling, dispatching and controlling.
*Inventory management and store keeping.
*Total quality management: finance, marketing and human resources.
Production Management: Integrated production management systems to enhance competitive advantage of manufacturing companies. It is the set of interrelated management activities which are involved in certain manufacturing activities.
*Designing, planning and optimization of production.
*Production process/ product and operation management
*Factory location/ layout
*Sales plan, inquiry/ quotation management, bill / deposit management

Energy has a major impact on every aspect of our socio-economic life. It plays a vital role in the social, economic and political development of every nation. We advice our clients on the best form of renewable energy that is suitable for them. Renewable energy covers all forms of energy generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water (or hydro power), tide, geothermal heat, biomas and biofuels. They are derived from natural processes that are constantly replenished and each of them has characteristics that determine where and how they are used.

Solar energy is the anchor behind the various forms of renewable energy. It anchors hydro power where the hydrological cycle is being controlled by the sun as well as Wind Power where the movement of air is due to the heating effect of the sun on the atmosphere. In general, heat, kinetic energy, electrical energy and chemical energy can be provided via solar energy conversion.

1. Business Development and Improvement.
We conduct feasibility studies and produce world-class business plans to drive gas/ power projects from start to completion, taking into consideration our ability to improve performance, productivity, profitability and shareholder value. We advise on infrastructure development, human capital requirements, improving production processes, procurement, project planning and evaluation.
2. Environment:
Our understanding of the business environment in Nigeria enables us to advice our clients on the best form of renewable energy that is suitable for their businesses and or homes. We advice on the use of solar power systems, natural gas (compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas) availability/ sellers and off takers, industry players, uses/ advantages, risk, opportunities, trends and competitor/ market analysis.
3. Commercial Advisory
Our advisory services and tools include equipment supply (manufacturers/ agents) and procurement, government regulation/ influence, negotiation support, project feasibility and development as well as determining the suitable locations for gas stations (mother and daughter stations).
4. Business Strategy.
We identify and implement growth strategies in gas and power, evaluate gas and power assets, develop and implement gas-fuel procurement and sales strategies. We also advise on business process, country entry, business penetration, bench-marking, and procurement strategies.
5. Transaction Support
Our understanding of the markets and value drivers gives our clients a competitive advantage in buying, price fixing, negotiations and product delivery. We advise and assist our clients in regulatory matters, documentation and registrations in the power and gas sector. Our services also include equipment procurement, technical support, opportunity identification and screening, due diligence, market assessment, partner selection and agency.


Sales, installation and support services.

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